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Monday, February 22, 2010 |

DG Consulting are a small business that specialise in facilitating practical policies that leads to positive change in the management of valuable water resources.

Their website has sleek professional design, a clear JavaScript based dynamic menu, uses the Coda Slider , and a great little CMS called GetSimple. The site includes some progressive enhancement, but is cross browser compatible, has valid HTML and has been developed to be “bulletproof”.

The site has now won a couple of design awards too -

Check it out - www.dgconsultants.com.au




Life June 04, 10

Family holiday to Sydney, good fun for a few days that’s for sure.

Sport April 15, 10

New basketball team start up, enter the Inner Sanctum Wildcats.

Sport March 31, 10

Exciting times at my sport becomes my work. Working on the AFL.


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